Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cakes painted Sketch by Poet

Hey Poet!! Hope you are doing good. Spring time came to Prague and there was Graffneck jam this weekend. I found your sketch from last year. Thanx for the style and funk, I kept also the 70's coloring...I painted a little bit narrower than the original just because there was no more space around me. Too many people, too perfect weather to stay at home.


  1. Love the colors you went with Cakes...
    the style is top notch with the integrated letters, I am ready to paint another Poet sketch!

  2. thanks for painting this sketch, i know you only had the choise between two sketches...the idea behind this sketch was to let a kind of energy of the letter structure come from the middle of the bottom of the K ,the so called deepest point of the letters, that went to the sides. peace out to prag


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