Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sirum painting ruets sketch.

Hey guys , I took the opportunity through great weather on the weekend to paint Ruets sketch for me. At first I wasn't going to choose this design but the more i looked at this sketch the more I liked it! Especially the 3ds dribbling away at the end. I slightly enlarged the halo over the eye... besides this, tryed my best to stay true to Ruets original sketch.
Whilst painting the wall we had a visit from these Aboriginal kids from a small remote camp close to the centre of Australia who are in Melbourne with some guides exposing them to a big city...?They had never seen graffiti being painted before so their guides let them chill with us for a while... alot couldnt even speak a lick of english but Something tells me these guys manage to find away to keep up with the minute.... Otherwise why would they all know how to drop this fresh pose for me when I took this photo?! lol.
Thanks for the sketch Ruets , I had alot of fun painting it !!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

SWK by Cakes

Hi SWK. So, after some time of drawing our 3 letters, this came out. Hope you like it!

Poet painting Askew's sketches

hi Askew, finally i did another couple with two sketches of you. i exchanged the shadow and the 3d between those two sketches. hope you like em

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jurne by Stae2

Whatsup Jurne!
Here you go bro, its obvious I was drawn to your letters and put in a little extra effort as someone who continues to keep me excited about grafffiti in the '09
I also had way too much time on my hands...and this is the result

I played with a variety of styles, some that I feel are closer to your comfort zone and style, some a little further out...Curious to see which you're drawn to.
As long as I have idle time Ill try to keep pumping sketches out...
Hope you enjoy!

"Taboo" by Poet

"Esteme" by Poet

"Honke" by Poet

Stae2 sketch by Serval

I wasnt too happy with my original Stae sketch, so as i was waiting for some administrative shit today, i dropped this on an enveloppe, and i like it a lot more.

It's a continuation of the mosaic style i'm workin on, which incidently reminds me of some of Duel from Melbourne's work, for the ozzies familiar with his stuff.

Character was just a way to close the 3d at the bottom, it's not a necessary part of the piece

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stae2 sketch by Sirum

Yo Stae2, I got this sketch together for you which I had been looking forward to drawing. You have a great letter combo so I knew I would have fun sketching your word!
also I decided to move in a slightly different direction with the letter style.. I wanted to get really lose and draw some shapes that are perhaps a little unnatural to me.
Note - the 3d's with the drop shadow around them... Or are they drop shadows with with white highlights in them ?? lol! What ever you decide.. Im sure you will make the sketch look cool.

SWK paints HESOE sketch

Wowww Hesoe!!!!
very good to have painted you sketch bro, love it!
el intercambio siempreeee!!!
valeu lokura eu realmente curti muito, what next?

TABOO sketchs by SWK

Yo Taboo!!!!
hey man i love your style, i added my character in one of the letters and funny !
i hope you appreciate!

KAPUT sketch by HESOE

Yo Kaput!!
here my first fish mummy style sketch for you!
i love the work you do! specially your crazy color schemes!
hope you have fun doing this!

Askew sketch by Sirum

Hey mate, Here is one for you! Entering into this sketch, it really played on my mind how Askew
uses fat caps to outline with due to the fast lines giving his pieces more spontaneity and movement.
I love this about his work , and so I decided to sketch this piece lightly based of some of Askews line work, shapes and of course.. his all seeing eye ! I hope you enjoy the sketch and I look forward to seeing you interpretation.
Also, feel free to totally funktify up the outline like I know you know how...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


yeeeeo! i've done a couple of sketches here and hope you dig em jurne! i had a good time drawing them. i did a third sketch but it never made the cut. can't wait to see you rock em jurne style! enjoy dude!

CAKES sketch by SWK

Yo Cakes, preto ou branco!!!!

you remember me? perhaps no more when you come to Rio de Janeiro paint together in the morro dos prazeres with FBC, and I hope you like bro!

é nóis !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yo Scotty...
Squeezed in a quick jammy in the jungle
Walls were a bit gritty, but fun to work with...
and used one of your characters, but simplified it for the train...
You gave me alot of fresh funk...and I'd like to do an all-out soon...
so keep posted

HOST18 Paints JURNE Sketch

Here is my painted attempt at Jurne's rap print. I didn't realize until Taboo pointed it out but I really missed the lean on the O and T that Jurne put down. I did have a great time painting this piece, this style is very similar to my old stuff that I used to do in the early 90s so it came very easy to me. With that in mind I almost treated this piece as a Revamp the 90's painting. I didnt want to add a bunch of modern techniques or effects to the piece and left it with a general patch blend with some bubbles for designs. I also decided not to put any shadows or 3ds on the piece and just rocked the "white man glow". Good looking Jurne, I hope you dig it!

Askew sketch by Serval

Ok this one here is for my man Askew. I've been working on this compact style a while, it's really technical because most of the lines are used on two letter shapes at the same time, plus, as with the poet outline i added a few crew names hidden in there.

I thought this would fit Askew, knowing he has a real technical understanding of style. The way I would have gone to paint is really flat with no real outline just using color diffrences, but i am really curious to see Askew use his fatcap techniques on it.. have fun bro!

SCOTTY76 sketchs by SWK

Hey Scotty 76 !!!!!!
was crazy to 6 letters, I much like the result, used a little color in the sketch because I think Askew has done a good job, hope you like bro!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


hey y'all!!! this is my first exchange piece! thanks a bunch jurne for doing my name. this style is great.....i had to focus a lot on the crazy overlapping and intersecting.....i'm pleased with the out come. i will paint the warped 3d piece soon after a poet sketch is done! thanks rime for this opportunity!! peeeeese out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This outline was a lot of fun to paint, It ended up turning out exactly how I saw it in my head. I was a little bit nervous when i first got to the wall because of the technicality of it. But the fluid lines, and geometric shapes proved to be quite fun..I painted it at one of the most beautiful spots in the mountains of British Columbia..Burned a couple B's with the crew and got loose.. Thanks for the outline hesoe. Im working on yours still.. Hope this gave you a new way of looking at your style and color techniques! Peace

HOST18 sketches by ASKEW

Hey dude.. let that anger slide, I've delivered at long last!!! haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Poet Sketches by Stae2

Whatsup Poet...
Here you go,
Following Askew's lead to add some color to the outlines
Some of the outlines Ive done already were without color or 3d's and felt funny to me, so I found a few dryed up markers and saw what I could do...
Hope you enjoy, I know you're a man of many styles, something I aspire to be as well
peace brother

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jurne paints Poet Sketch #2

Hey Everyone,
Its great to see that the Exchange is really jumpin off! Everyone is putting down some serious style, you all got me really motivated and grateful to be a part of this project.
Here is the 2nd Poet outline that I painted. I reworked the sketch a little, making it a hybrid of both of our styles, while keeping the movements of the letters very similar to Poet's original sketch. The stump leg of the E in my version came out kind of funny, I dont feel like it fits the rest of the piece. I debated putting white highlights or shines in the piece, but decided against it, thinking that they wouldn't add to the overall style. In hindsight, I would put some fuzzy shines on certain parts of the letters to emphasize the bulbous style they have in Poet's sketch.
Poet's treatment of the sketches that I drew for him definitely inspired this color scheme, pastels and skin tones. Shout out to Bonus, who had a dope piece underneath this.

Host18 Paints Ensoe Sketch

Here is my painted version of Ensoe's sketch. I got to the Bird Sanctuary to rock out but as I unpacked my aerosoul cans I realized I left the sketch on my kitched table. !!, I had to pull out my Blackberry and summon the blueprint from there. Painting a sketch from the screen of a mobile phone is a crappy way to live and I got so fed up that I said "fuck this shit" and just freestyled the rest from what I understood the idea and style of the sketch to be. Now that I look at the sketch I'm pretty surprised that I got it as close as I did.
This grimey ass spot with its grimey ass walls did not like to have cans used on it, and the paint did not adhere to the wall so well so that was a bit of an annoyance as well.
Until the next episode!

POET sketch by SWK

Hey Poet !!!!
Like of do its letters,
been funny...I hope you like bro