Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hesoe sketch by Askew

Hope you like this one dude.. The pencil bits are floating designs..

"PHAT" by Poet

its not that Phat that it should be but iam working on it...and sorry for my bad english

"Stae2" by Poet

Askew by Hesoe

Yo Askew!
first outlines, first one i put some thought on, second one was 5 minutes!
imma keep workin on the k and the w !
i ll be posting some more soon!

saludos a todos!

Some new lines!

Roids by Host18

Yo Roids!
After some doodling for a few hours I got a bit serious and made this rough sketch. I never draw on paper so this is all kind of foreign ground for me, this piece is drawn across 3 sheets of paper, cause I don't know how to act. Uh!

"roide" by honke

one of these days i will learn how to use a scanner...


Heres is a STAE2 sketch I did between the Serval studies.


Working on the first outlines
sketch from Askew

honke for roid

heres somethings i was doing this morning..everything that has been posted so far is looking great im really stoked to be a part of this there is more to come...

"Serval" by Poet

Phat1 by Cecster

Just getting warmed up. I'd love to see you rock one of those fresh multi-color fade joints you do with the one on the top right maybe.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TABOO sketches by ASKEW

I like the first one, second one preeeettty weird but parts of it I like a lot... Yeah up to you what you want to do dude...

Scotty76 by Stae2

Here you go champ!...a little variety, hope you diggs!


ASKEW by Taboo
Yo Askew... submitted for your approval

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Here's two sketches I did this morning after my first 2 espresso's for the day.. So yeah sorry about the shaky hands haha!

"Serval" by Poet

"Serval" from Poet

Hi everybody, here are my first "Serval" sketches.

First "Serval" sketches by Poet


Here's some Phats outlines I had in the attic....more to come
I'm in the lab brewin' some funk...too much fun

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009