Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ensoe, here you go mate, span out a little on this one listening to wierd dark spacey needs a bit of shaping up and the big chunky bit on the n needs some fixing, looks a bit bulky (maybe some connections or 'do-dads') hope you like it 

ps. the background is terrible!! dont watch it

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roid sketches by Hesoe

Yo Roid!
Here some "waiting lots of hours for that connection flight from cph" sketches...
the R on the first one gots to be my fav... and the brick piramid hat on the second sketch ...
hope you like em bro!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Here's a couple for chi-town's finest pose.. Ahuge inspiration to me since the day I picked up a can over a decade ago. So this is a real honour.. The first one is a simpler older sketch I did, and the second one is some new skool funk I think you'd have fun with... Kill it homie!!!

Jurne sketch by Sirum

Hey all, have been on an intensive inter-rail trip through Europe for the last two months
and have finally found my feet again here in Norway!!
It may a little easier to notice that this sketch I have drawn for Jurne is allot more loose then the previous designs I have come up with for other cats...
The reason being is because I have been really working on bringing more spontaneity back into my work , whether it be painted or sketched.
I hope you enjoy this one Jurne , and I feel it may give you a little more breathing space then my previous sketches!


Here ya go buddy, Sorry i took so long to return the sketch! I hit the hydro and whipped this evilness up tonight Enjoy! Play around with the 3d anyway U want!

Peace eh!



Here's one for the DYM killer..Lemme know if you like it, or think its to simple?


Heres a sketch I did awhile back for you. Wether or not you want to leave the baseball swoosh in is your call. Feel free to play around with it, and holler at me when youre ready to paint it, and I'll do your sketch! Trade-zzeee's!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009


Wassap. So I knocked this one out this morning in 2 hours. Lightning speed because i had to be at work. I had to simplify a bit, but I loved doin the beveled look. it was definitely a challenge. I also tried doin fades that you would do. Id love to do another exchange. one where i can really spend some time. your style is really fun to paint. Hope i didn't disappoint.

RUETS by TABOO (again)

I wasn’t entirely happy with the last Ruets outlines that I put up. I didn’t feel right moving on to the next name, so I spent the last couple of days working on these. I hope you like these better. I know I do.
Mr. T

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Roids / Ruets

So i decided to drop this one yesterday evening, had to paint it fairly quick as i was running out of light, but i'm pretty happy with the result. I used the sketch as a reference for the sketch up and it got a little warped along the way, adding some swirls an curls. great fun to paint. the 'r' to 'o' connection is ingenious...thanks mate.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PHAT1 sketch for RIME

PHAT1 sketch for RIME,

Sorry to the team for the slow and lack of updates been real busy with life but no excuses really, While drawing i tried 3 other names before i could actually get a good flow on and i ended with RIMER...I'm really feeling the lean and style on this something that i think you can relate to with a PHAT1 twist to it. Hope you like this one JOE and there wont be any doubt you will kill this sketch.

Next will be STAE2 sorry mate i got you.


Monday, August 17, 2009

=Ruets= =Roid=

Yo! I loved the one you did for me. Felt inspired to whip this one out for you.. hope you like.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey Jurne,

Here's the Exchanges from what you had blessed me with...
There were alot of challenges, frustration, and fun in each of these
The experience definitely made me look at lettering thru your eyes and opened some new possibilities, so many thanks my man!

•My approach to the bottom two were to use the sketches pretty straight up with some of my own flow to feel more natural,(When I use sketches on walls, which is 90% of the time, I never duplicate whats on paper, as it usually feels less natural when transfered on a surface), so there will be inconsistency's for sure, but hope it was still translated effectively
•With the first silver joint the approach I took was interpreting that particular sketch/style and to make it more my own, so I made it more mechanical and less softer...
The jury is still out, as yours was real ill,(and stronger in my opinion), however I think it probably helped me understand and learn more thru that particular trial and error

•I apologize for the poor photographs, I really need to step my game up, and I was really frustrated/disappointed as my favorite one, the silver lost alot of the umph in the little nooks that made it my favorite (shadowing, cuts, blends, designs, hi-lites, crispness, etc)

Well, thanks again for all the time you took out to sketch those, I hope I did them a small justice, and look forward to more of the project

peace and respect,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taboo Sketches By Jurne

The 1st sketch was inspired by the style of Joe Shuster, who illustrated the early Superman comic strips of the 1930s and 40s. After sketching a bunch of Taboo pieces and not really liking how any of them came out, the word 'ta-boom' came to me while flipping through a book featuring reprinted Superman comics. I envisioned the letters to be exploding out of the background, and after sketching the explosion part, I got the idea to put some Spy vs. Spy characters in there as well. I kept the letters simple after trying out more complex ones because I felt that with the more connections and additions that I put on the piece, they took away from the effect of flying out of the explosion.
Your characters are always fresh, and I know you get down with the illustration outside of graffiti Taboo, so I'm excited to see how you do this.

The 2nd sketch is a 2-for-1 piece, an idea I have been playing around with a little in other pieces. I wanted to capture two similar, yet distinct letters for each letter of the piece.

Cant wait to see what you do with them, as always, change any and everything as you see fit...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yo Ruets !

heres a sketch i knocked up for you, Its been a long while since ive done any 'real' sketching.... i usually just draw tiny little shapes and compositions to work out my pieces. change it up as you wish, be great to see it a bit more teched out and some of that linework and etching stuff you do going on in it. hope you like it. 

also, to the rest of the guys, apologies for my absence over the past few months, been stupid busy with uni, ill be trying to get some drawings up / painting sketches once a week now.


Sunday, August 9, 2009


The basic form is like the orig. sketch. It lost some "T" funk but i'm diggin the starry shapes that jumped in there and the overall feel. Thanks again bro.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Had alot of fun with this sketch, thanks man!
It was really so much fun to work with, I used your foundation, but added and changed a few
things to make it feel more "Stae"
Yo thanks again, hope you dig...

Ps: my apologies for the mispwlling on the shoutout!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hesoe sketch by Kaputo!

hesoe my man! here is your name, kaputo style! haha. i had fun messing around with the 3d a bit, but feel free to do whatcha like obviously.......your style is so cool to look at, the colours, characters, and letter formation is bugged!! i still have to paint your sketch and it will be painted 4 sure!! i hope you take the time to rock mine as well brother.

oh ya! sectr from toronto says yo!!! haha.......laterzzzz.

Monday, August 3, 2009

POET painting STAE2 sketch

hi, Stae, here is one that was overpainted before it was finished...the character is again from Phos4. It's not finished but more than halfway done...If somebody likes to check out more GFA or Berlin stuff, you can check and search for GFA

RUETS sketches by TABOO

YO Ruets,
I got 2 outlines here for ya. I actually did 3 sketches, but these are the best 2. The first one has a few ideas I have been playing with on some of my newer pieces. I took a little bit from the NUEVA YORK pieces I have done while I worked on the 2nd outline, so the pieces came relatively easy. The 2nd outline is a little more straight forward so that leaves a lot of room for you to "Ruetize" it. I'd like to see you hook up either one. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

STAE 2 sketch by SWK

Yo Stae 2 !!!!!
I hope you like bro, in have fun too !!!
valeu !!!