Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

POSE sketch by HESOE

This on i personally like cuz of the texture mix and the drop shadow mix..
i really look forward to see how you interpret this one .. !!
saludos from Paris.

RUETS sketch by HESOE

This one i think needs a lil more definition in the S but i like the overall feeling of it enough to post it .. the R specially should be fun to melt with the background or xplode out or some like that...

HOST sketch by HESOE

yo host !
some lines for you, hope you like em!
im trying to use this bomb on the O in some of my next pieces looks kinda dope..

Friday, July 24, 2009

POSE sketch by SWK

Yo Pose !!!!!!
after a while trying to make your sketch,finalize this, I'm sure you will explode all, because their way of painting is very nice, and I very short! then I hope that short friend and enjoy! greetings bro !!!!

Kaput sketches.

Sorry for the hiatus dudes. I promise I'll get back on my grind. In the meantime here are some Kaput sketches.
Your name was a lot of fun to work with, especially the tags. Unfortunately I think one or two of those sketches may be a little too close to your style already, specifically the one with the cartoon shadows on the right, which kind of defeats the purpose of this thing I guess. I think I did some connections that you've probably done before as well, so if you're not feeling painting any of these it's cool. If you decide to though I feel like you'd nail any one of them.


Roids? Cecs??


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yo Sirum!
I was out of commission for a while but finally got to take a crack at your sketch.  I love the flow and shape it was a blast to paint.  I was having trouble getting the "e" to bang the right way (might have had to do with the burnt out car remnants, mattresses and bags of ?) so I put it in the microwave and cooked it for a while, and bugged out a little.  I definitely think i might give it a second go, its a killer sketch man thanks again,  I gotta return the favor soon!

Poet painting Jurne Sketch

Another Jurne sketch painted by Poet.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

HESOE and SIRUM exchange at Roskilde

Sirum and I meet by luck at the Roskilde Festival and decided to get some exchange pieces done, since we had no sketches done we tryed doing 1 color sketches on the wall so we could get eachothers hand on the style... we picked some colors and pretty much went freestyle after that trying to really have a personal interpretation of eachothers sketch.
For me it worked perfect .. plus with the whole chillin constant party mood around Roskilde was just nice to be free to do the fun part of the pieces and spend more time in that ; focusing on how to light the piece and how to work textures on the diferent structures ans 3d ...i really liked how it came togueter and was dope just chillin there drink some beer and share ideas bout styles n all good things in life.
Thanks Lars for the flicks!

Poet painting Stae2 sketches

Hi Stae, here where some of the sketches i painted from you. it took some time but finally here there are. hope you like the outcome.thanks again warrior

HESOE paints SWK sketch

Eaea lokura! after a month delay since i painted this i can finally get a hold of a computer to upload some exchanges... i got to say this piece i thought i had done ok... but now that i look at both sketch and piece i see im missing on directions and movements that take a lot of character away from the piece... i got to say i had fun doing this one just trying to get as much down from the sketch ... i wish i could ve taken a full day light flick so colors would pop up more but i finished late at nite and had to run to other city next morning ... i always wondered bout how you could make a style out of so much boxes but with much movement ... and now that i had the chance of trying i realize how sutil the unions and position of the blocks have to be to reach that dope brasilian flavor you got goin on!
i hope you liked it broooo
Chile - Brazil Exchange done in Bergen, Norway ....
loko demais !! falooou lokura!


So heres another quick whirl at your name, this time a little more tech/ fast looking.  I still tried to leave some large areas open for you to have fun with treatment wise aka drop the tender videls on em.  There is plenty of stuff I would change if I was painting this one... stretching the "d" out and down more to flow better (or maybe change its shape to more of a pyramid) , making the whip outs really whippy and blown out, ect.
Have fun, hope you get to paint this one and definitely hit me back with a sketch when you can.
Il might spend a little more time and draw up another tech one as well.

Monday, July 13, 2009

scotty76 character Nasty Stae

Yo Scotty...
Been a long break, but the wheels are starting to turn again...little character jammy you hooked me up with that I got to rock last nite into the a.m....
Was trying something a little different, and thought this character would put it all together.

I'm not really a character guy, usually rock line art characters when I do, so this was challenging. You have a real fresh style and twist on the traditional mug style, and I appreciated it even more so when I tried to recreate it. It was alot of fun to paint, and has me real inspired to try it some more!

I have been playing with this sort of "jumbly" letter style and as a result of the Exchange, was inspired with the Poet "T" on this one, which I didn't figure out 'til I checked it at home....
Stay tuned...

Nasty-est Since Birth

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stae2 sketches by Jurne

Yo Stae!
I've been working on these sketches for you, and came up with these three.
The first ones pretty straight forward, I think maybe the T could be spruced up a little more.

This one I drew second, with the intention of having the bars of the E come back and 'frame' the piece. I got kind of carried away with the colored pencils going for a beveled look, and then really went overboard with the pseudo 3d/blue stuff...not so sure how I feel about that in particular, you be the judge.

The third one is a little more traditional...I wanted to capture a layered feel, and not put a 3D on it, thinking that it might compete with the depth achieved by the letters themselves. I tried to encorporate star shapes into the bars of the letters, at the ends of the S and the E, but they're a bit muddled by all the other stuff going on. Also, the loop of the A came out a little small I think.

Hyped to see what you do with em....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taboo Sketch painted by Jurne

I really dug this sketch from Taboo, and thought it might look good on a freight. I wanted to stretch it out and have the dimensions of the train car emphasize the length of the piece.
When we showed up to the yard, there were no flat boxcars, and I didn't really want to try to stretch this piece over the door, so I decided to rock it a little smaller than intended, and just keep it to one panel.
I went with a nice Home Depot color scheme (an American brand paint scheme seemed right for the train), some Painters Touch Fossil for the fill, an Espresso outline, and American Accents Cabana Blue for the cloud.
In sketching the piece out, I made some modifications, connecting the U with the head of the R, as well as changing the bend of the N, and having the top of the E come from the N doubling back on itself. In hindsight, I think the U-R modification takes away from the dope mohawk that the R was rocking in the original sketch, and the strong kink in the bar of the R.
I like how the piece came out (Although the night shots arent ideal...I'll replace them when I get better ones), but Im not hyped on the color choices I made; should have gone with a dark gray for accents in the bottom of the piece, and a really light gray or pink in the top. In general, I should have spruced it up a bit with more colors. Also, I think I lost one of the coolest parts of the piece by not outlining 'The Exchange' bar of the E that Taboo crafted.
Painting the piece gave me some new insights on some of my letters, the J was a totally new shape for me, as well as the E. Thanks again to Taboo for the dope sketch, I'm working on yours and Stae's right now...