Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This one was fun to draw. The style kind of built itself..hope you like it dude! Feel free to mess with the 3d and background.


Heres a simpler one for askew..Again, feel free to put more add ons or 3d/ background of you choice.


Hers a more geometric contemporary style i've been playing around with.

Thought you might have fun with this.


Wasnt really sure what to sketch, so I played around for a bit, smoked a blunt and came up with these style..hope you like 'em dude!


Here's a funky one for you scotty. Love your work dude. Have fun with it


Here's one for you stae. I tried to keep it somewhat simple and gear it towards something you might enjoy painting, feel free to add more filler or add ons if you think it needs 'em.


I did a more traditional style for you. I wanted to see how your style blends in with some classic foundation letters. Have fun dude!

Monday, June 28, 2010

RIME/ AROE Exchange In Malibu

I did rework some areas of the sketch out of habit (especially the face of the "E" and the bottom of the "M"). Hopefully I didn't go too far with it? The palm tree dude was a quick afterthought. I wanted to add some sort of character but was limited with space. Some cool arrow jump-offs had to be sacrificed.

Revok / Askew - Rime / Saber In Los Angeles

On the spot Exchanges- Swapping names, no sketches, just figuring it out as we went…

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Did a quick funny looking throw-up for ya. Hope you rock it on a good spot!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stae2 by Poet

Hi Stae2, here where 3 sketches for you. I know i still own you some sketches, because you really did a dope sheat for me. thanks for that again, see this as a first serve...if somebody wants to exchange with me, iam down.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jurne/Honke Exchange

Honke sent me a sketch from his vault of scrap paper business deals.

I decided to try out painting it in a style where the distinction between what was the "fillin" of the letter and what was the "background" was ambiguous. The intention was to paint the sketch as fast as possible, and have the style be gestural and expressive (hence the quote at the end). After throwing up a quick sketch of essential line movements, the background was painted first with cinnamon and gray, and the same approach was taken with the fill, where quick horizontal color lines were overlapped which intentionally ended beyond where the outline would fall.

Lastly, the outline was thrown on, without the usual "measure twice before you cut" approach. Instead, the focus was speed over accuracy.

The flow of the sketch was really conducive to painting in this style. ... The Fast and the Furious meets Impressionism.
Thanks my man!

Aroe, Rime, Roids / Name Swap

We all traded names as sort of a last minute thing while in Milan. All freestyled. You can see more Milan pics and comments HERE

Rime by Aroe, Roids by Rime

Aroe by Roids

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Motel sketch by Sirum

Hey Motel, you got a great word to sketch! Here is one for you...
Enjoy ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Heres the result of our exchange sketches...
ill up single shots later!



Found this abandon factory on a secret location with Tips
and rocked Sirums horror outline...enjoy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Exchange in Berlin

Yes 2′s mix of past exchanges ( E-Revok, S-Rime)

Serch canvas based off of a Jurnes sketch, Rime paints piece for Poet

Berlin Exchange wall painted by Bates, Jurne, Poet, Kacao 77, Serch & Rime

Another wall with Sabe, Bates, Serg by Serch, Jurne, & Rime

More photos from Berlin HERE


Yo Phat, I bet you didn't expect to see this sketch again.
Hm mm?? Ha ha, I have been waiting for the most
appropriate moment to pull this rabbit out of the hat and
this wall was perfect! Awesome outline.. Funny how
sometimes the simplest designs are the hardest to come
up with.... I would never have thought of such a simple
funky design like this one mate. Thanks again! Hope you
like my adjustments.

- Sirum