Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CAKES sketch by Stae 2

Hey Stae! Thanx for the sketch man. I really had a lot of fun with it. I triyed to keep it oldschool as much as it was possible...


On The Run Book # 8: THE EXCHANGE

Acclaimed graffiti collective The Exchange has created a stir with a dynamic style dialogue. The idea behind the project is for members to pair up, trade sketches and rock diverse styles outside of their usual comfort zones. These experiments are then posted online to be applauded and critiqued by members. A verbal and visual style assault from some of the finest active writers across the globe: EWOK, REVOK, RIME, PERSUE, YES 2, POSE, STAE 2, SNOW, BATES, SERCH, POET, KACAO 77, SCOTTY 76, ASKEW (just to name a few). This book is jam-packed with expert style antics. You might want to get your sketchbooks out and start taking notes.



available April 2010

full color | 128 pages | ca. 350 photographs and illustrations | size 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3 inches)

ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-64-1

Price Paperback: 9.95 € | 9.99 £ | US $ 14.95

Limited collector’s edition:

ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-937946-65-8

Silver Embossed Hardcover with Jacket & Stitch Binding

Price Hardcover: 14.95 € | 14.99 £ | US $ 19.95

Official Release 9th of April 2010

Vernissage / book release party / book signing
9. April 2010 / 19:00 - 00:00 Uhr

With special guests: Rime (USA) / Bates (Sweden) / Poet (Germany) / Kacao 77 (Germany) / Jurne (USA)

A selection of artwork from The Exchange project, including work by: Rime (USA) / Bates (Sweden) / Poet (Germany) / Kacao 77 (Germany) / Jurne (USA) / Askew (New Zealand) / Host 18 (USA) / Taboo (USA) / Sirum (Australia), just to name a few.

10. – 23. April 2010
Mo – Sa / 14:00 – 19:00 Uhr

Common Ground Gallery / Hip Hop St├╝tzpunkt
Marienburger Str. 16 A (hinterhof)
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


1. - 3. April – Dublin
All City Dublin Tivoli Jam: exhibition / painting session / book sneak preview / book signing with RIME (USA) and Scotty 76 (Germany)

9. April 2010 – Berlin
Common Ground Gallery: The Exchange exhibition / book launch / book signing with Rime (USA), Jurne (USA), Bates (Sweden) Poet (Germany) and Kacao 77 (Germany) and with contributions from other members of The Exchange including: Askew (New Zealand), Host 18 (USA) and Taboo (USA)

13. April 2010 – Barcelona
MTN: live painting session / book signing with Rime (USA) from 7pm – 10 pm

May/ June/ July 2010 LA dates to be confirmed.


On The Run Books established by From Here To Fame Publishing provides important snapshots of graffiti history, urban art, and legends in the making. Each season a variety of urban culture-related themes are featured which explore the work of an individual artist, crew, collective, topic, event or photographer within the genre. Together, the series creates an exclusive and well-documented library, offering a lifetime of inspiration for all aspiring artists, collectors and fans of personal expression to enjoy.


Press Contact | Amber Gruenhaeuser | press@fhtf.de | Tel: 0049-(0)30-21021 86-70 | Fax: 0049-(0)30-21021 86-77


Monday, March 29, 2010


Yo Bates, thanks for the fresh outlines..
I painted this sketch you had given me way back the other day. I made small tweaks to reflect my style into the sketch as well as fit in the given space- it was real fun to paint. I liked how you had the suggestive 3d on the sketch and played with that feel as well. Hope you dig!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Esteme / Sever Exchange

Nice day shot of this exchange rolling four years later!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here is a Roids that was a rough pencil sketch in my book from a few months back. I didn't finish it back then because I got bored with it. The other day i was flipping through the sketch book and got interested in it again. This is what I came up with...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cakes-Larger Views

Apologies for the itsy views...heres a better scope

Esteme-Larger Views

Apologies for the itsy views...heres a better scope

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What's going on Cakes...here's some sketches I managed to sketch for you, hope you dig it
I look forward to seeing you rock one!

Host18 paint SWK sketch

This piece is painted in my secret truck spot in Queens, NY. I trooped it out there driving my bike so the amount of paint I was able to bring was at a minimum. I noticed SWK often uses bold bright colors in his pieces, so that’s what I decided to go for.

I threw the sketch up keeping it almost exact to the sketch that Swk provided for me. I then got in there and started a new layer of sketch tweaking it here and there to add a little of myself to the letters. The letters were fun and easy to play with and I had a good time putting down the bright colors, when all was said and done I threw up the Exchange logo and called it a day within a couple of hours.

Thanks for the cool sketches SWK.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bates/Stae2 Outlines

I think i did these before we started the new exchange project,never the less..here it is again!

Bates/Ewok Exchange 2010

I had this one in my blackbook for some time now,
i owe Ewok an outline,so here it is!hope you can get something out of it,i expect to see some organic flavour!

A Cecs Outline By Bates

Heres a new outline from me,to get this thing going..Cecs Rock it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


nice simple bubble style by rime,rocked in the cold north...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Serch sketches by Jurne

A couple for the Dutch master killer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here's a quick one I did while working on some shirt graphics. It's simple enough to pull off in this cold weather. I hope to do a more tech one for you when the weather warms up!