Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey man!
Already is accostumed to do 5 letters, hehehehehehe, I am sure it will break everything bro!!
i hope you like dude!!!


Hey bro!!!!
I'm enjoying very have the opportunity of work this project, hope what you enjoy the vibe of sketch!!!! I hope you like man!!!
ok so me and Old Faithful swaggered to the wall Big Daddy Kane style:

I chose this Poet outline because it's the furthest from anything i would do. Some of the outlines were in my league, but this one was a whole other sport, which looked like fun!

I hadn't painted in a couple months but I've been drawing a lot and i was full of ideas and a big big bag of scraps with me. The process was fun and I really got lost in the little do-dads around the letters and playing with depths. Unfortunately the result is not proportionate and i'm pretty disapointed with it. I think I need another go at this kind of style, to find a technique that works better, plus maybe paint it bigger to make it as funky as it should be...
Sorry Poet...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIME Paints A Piece Based On An Askew Sketch

Askew's sketch for Rime

Working the sketch

Here is my version of the Askew sketch. I painted this wall with Dabs, Myla, Vans (Omega), & Witness. Since the space on the wall was so wide, and Vans was getting pretty technical with his piece (see full wall shots here), I decided to rework the sketch, making it more built up. After the first mark up on the wall, I decided to put the sketch away and go with what felt natural. I added in some new connections and reworked the proportions a bit. Overall I am happy with the finished result.

While we were painting, Ewok called and told us MJ just kicked the bucket. He urged us to be the first to Paint a tribute to the the self proclaimed "King of Pop". Augor came through and started on the character. I stepped in, giving Jacko a face lift and added in some small details. Vans even joined in by putting some jewels on the glove. I originally wanted to write "Touching Young Fans From The Grave And Beyond" and have MJ's grave site with a large tombstone. I would of had his arm coming out of the ground, grabbing onto a young boy's thigh... Maybe next time?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

JURNE sketches by ASKEW

What's up people!! Many apologies for my recent laziness on this project.. It's been some interesting times for me but mainly for the positive. First I got caught up with work and getting my money straight, and then after deadline I just had to have some "ME" time in regards to my style while some ideas were still fresh. I have to say it's all thanks to THE EXCHANGE that certain kogs in the machine started churning again and I'm feeling very positive about that. Seeing some of my outlines painted by others really highlighted a lot of strengths and a LOT of weaknesses in my letters that I wanted to address. It's been good because it's helped me get on track with what aspects are unique in my work and allowed me to start honing them. A bit random but I recently went Vegan too LOL.. I think that's put me on some crazy positive tip..

Anyway, Here's some Jurne sketches.. I hope you like them man. I must say it could have been one of the only times I've EVER drawn J's LOL!!!! Of course my faves are the red outlined one up top (The only one I sketched freestyle with no pencil) and the white fill, blue 3D one near the bottom.Those are definitely more in the vein of things I'm doing right now with my own pieces.

Yo Serval, I've done nearly two full pages of sketches for you and ended up scrapping both hahahahaha! Your name is hard. There is a positive outcome from that though, I made some developments towards some truly KIWI things I've needed to bring to my style while working on your name.. I know it's sad but I had to rock those things in my own pieces before I gave them to someone else to paint... So anyway, I promise, soon!!!! I owe it to you for understanding French and guiding me out of trouble in Paris LOL

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

POSE sketches by TABOO

Yo Pose,
Here are 2 outlines 4 ya. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Honke paints Jurne sketch

Jurne paints Honke Sketch

We painted the walls of a skate spot, Honke took the deck surface, I worked on the ladder section.
The original idea was to do a really colorful background with clouds of bubbles, and go with black and white for the letters, but we ran out of white, which led to the blue fade to white scheme.
It got crazy fumed out while we were doing this! It was a blast to collaborate on the wall with each other's outlines. I got some sound spray technique advice from him during the paint session, especially while trying to nail the egg-top E.
I kinda had a difficult time getting the flow of the letters down; Honk's saxophone swoops were a challenge; I'm definitely more comfortable with tighter, compact letters.
Im pretty happy with the result, although a thinner outline/less black bubbles might have really drawn out the black sections of the letters.
Thanks to Honke for the nice sketch and non stop jokin', you da man, dog.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jurne sketch by Honke

Ay Jurne, sketch for yas! Can wait for a dog to fill it in.

Honke sketch by Jurne

Ay Puffy T, sketch for yas! Cant wait to see you fill it in, then outline...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hesoe paints Askew sketch

Yo askew! .. finally i got to your sketch! i hope you like how it came out, had a bit of a hardtime sketching it but i like how it came out, pulled out all the christmass colors to bring some faia to this tunnel spot in Bergen, Norway!
Thanks to my bro Rdg1 for the flicks!

Poet sketches by Tupak.

mr. poet! i did your name in a couple of styles. your letters fit together really nice. i really dig your work a lot and can't wait to see the outcome! have fun with it dude! i hope you likey..........


Yo Bro,

Here are my Jurne sketches. Hope you like them. I was told the J 2nd one looks a little like a Jedi5 J. I hope he doesn't come to my house to kick my ass or leave a bag of grapes in my trunk as he has been known to do. ANYWAY enjoy painting these sketches!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


YO to the yo..........Sorry gang ive been mad busy and really havent had a chance to do justice to the dope sketches i have been getting in....But this one is a goody...THANKS STAER for the

Monday, June 15, 2009


Yo Sirum!!!!
I hope that I may have added positively bro, because their work is very good!
have funny man!!!!
é nóis lokitos!

HOST 18 by SWK

Hey Host !!!
I hope you enjoy fairly, have fun painting!!
that´s the spirit.....

é nóis lokitos

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jurne paints Stae 2 sketches

I ended up choosing these two sketches out of the style dossier Stae2 had on me.
It was really fun trying these styles out. I chose the chunky sketch for the truck because it was something I was more comfortable with given the amount of time we could spend at this particular spot. The shape of the E was pretty foreign to me, and I ended up sketching it a few times before it looked like the Stae2 version. I really liked how the U and N of the sketch are little dudes trying to hang with the older J, R and E.
The piece I ended up doing was the computer rock style Stae laced. I went for this one because I knew it was going to be really difficult to pull off; repeated angles of the bars are something Ive never foxed with. I went about painting the sketch in a manner opposite to that which I usually do. Did the sketch first, and then finished the 3D before I filled in the piece. I figured I might burn myself out trying to get the letters done first if I painted them first, and then skimp on the 3D details. The 3D really drew me to the sketch initially, and I want to do it justice.
It ended up being a "watching the sun rise" kind of night, but Im happy with the result. In hindsight, I would add more black to the 3D for sure. Also, I would maybe spruce up the doo dads inside the fill, maybe add a light blue or a lime green.
Can't thank you enough for the amazing sketches Stae. I owe you a bunch...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As Pose said, we tried to paint in the woods, in the rain (it sucked). I originally tried to paint a piece based off of two Aroe sketches...

But because of a drain pipe running water down the center of my piece, I had to abort.

Pose kept going through the rain...

The drenched sketch...

In the process of getting a better shot, but for now...


So this was actually my 2nd attempt at this sketch.  The first one I painted with Rime in Jersey, and although it was on a hobbit trail cursed with torrential downpours, poison ivy and lost cameras, It was a blast to paint.  I tried your fat cap Ironlak method with mainly white and black, in attempt to keep it quick, simple and funky. 
 Since the sketch was so much fun to paint, I had no pics of the Jersey one, and it was pretty much rained out anyways (Rain Fame) I figured Id give it another shot in the Chi.  I really enjoyed the flow of your letters, and working with fats, trying for no cut backs, ect. Shit was a blast, thanks man, If I do another one Il probably try to scale down size-wise, and experiment more with a funkier flat treatment.  I think my massive hubris, and overcompensation for space made me stretch this one out to much, and I probably nailed the actual sketch better the first time.
Anyways hope you enjoy.
If I ever get a flick of the first one, Il post if for sure.

Poet painting Hesoe sketch

hi, here is a Hesoe sketch i painted. i had alot of scraps over so i decieded to take this sketch. i changed the rightside of the T a little bit also maybe a onecolorbackground would fits better but whatever.. hope you like it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taboo paints Sirum's Sketch

Painting this proved to be a lot harder than it looked. I think it may have been that I painted it on a small wall. I lost one of the coolest accents on the piece which was the flame shape on the top of the B. I compensated with this with the flames in the 3-D highlights. As I was restricted on the vertical, I also felt restricted on the horizontal plane as well, but all in all I tried my best to do justice to the outline.

The bull you drew looked almost like vector art/ a sports team logo. Thus my approach while painting the bull, as well as the piece, was to have no fades. I really liked the letters so I stayed pretty close to the original. As you can see I beefed up the body of the T as it comes from the A, and I curved the bottom of the B.

All in all it was a great learning experience. I know for round 2… Bigger is better!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Serval Sketches by Jurne

Ayo Serval, some sketches for you.
I liked your comment regarding finding a hybrid of styles between the drawing of a name and the final painted product. That being said, I cant wait to see how you flip it...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sirum paints Askews sketches...

Yo Askew , when you originally drew my page of sketches for me , I found it difficult to work out which sketch I would paint as I really liked different elements from all of them!
As I don't have the greatest amount of free time at the moment , I came up with the idea to take my favorite parts from each sketch and crop them together to form a super Askew/Sirum style mash-up! I will send you a better photo when I get the chance... The S and I really tested me due to the two letters crossing through each other.. At one point some of the linework was out by a few centre metres which was enough to throw the letters off balance.
I find this point interesting , how important precision within a sketch can be for some people. The small space of a few centrmetres can be enough to ( at times ) pull a letter or a shape out of preportion.