Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SirumxStae2 Exchange

Hey Sirum, thanks again for this fresh outline.

As you can see, I didn't stick very true to the outline. I got to this abandoned factory on a cold late afternoon, and had less time then I would have liked until it got very dark, so I rushed a bit. I think that strong cursive-creepyness you applied was lost, as I made it more panel style in the rush...but I do like some of the elements I applied...
I may revisit this again, but in the meantime still owe a few outlines!

Thanks again,


  1. this is so fresh.
    all the extentions makes a real cool structure
    to the piece.

    Big up.

  2. Great job considering you took on board a pretty caotic sketch with limited light mate..
    I like very much!
    Also like what you did with the little arrows
    at the end of the bricks..Be sure to pinch that if you dont mind!

    - Sirum


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