Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poet-Stae2 Exchange

YO Poet...
Thanks again for all these dope sketches! I am truly getting amped!

In this Exchange I tried to keep pretty true to the sketch but I see my panel style flow took it somewhere new- and lost a little of its funk. I had a good time painting this one and look forward to painting a few more. Hope you dig.

Thanks again-


  1. great looking Stae..really nice, simple with the colors. i just had done some more blue on the 3-d in the middle of the S, but hey iam really happy that you had take your time to paint a sketch from me, big thanks again for that.

  2. Yes agreed...more light blue-maybe even a chunk to add some more depth.

    Thanks for the feedback...I'll be painting another one real soon!


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