Thursday, November 11, 2010

poet/motel exchange

Hey Poet! thanks for all the great outlines! i got the chance to paint one of them the other day in Oslo in -degree weather, it was a fun(cold) and challenging experience! i struggled to get the flow that you had in the original drawing, i really need to be more loose with my original sketch on the wall before i start getting involved, but it was really fun to paint!


  1. That color scheme really matches the letter forms. Great execution despite the weather!

  2. iam glad you had taken one sketch anyway and hope you had a little bit of fun. I think it is not nessescary to execute the sketch one on one.
    the last exchange i did, the sketch that Bates gave me, it took me more than an hour to do the firstlines. Doing a Exchange is always within alot ups and downs feelings i think.


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