Friday, February 4, 2011

Jurne rocks a Serch sketch x 3

Serch served up this heater, and I wanted to show the 'interpreting and reworking' part of the Exchange project, in a series of pieces done from the same initial sketch. In doing so, the transition from one artist's work to another artist's interpretation and reworking becomes more transparent, and easier to follow.

The first piece was done "as is", with little background additions. The emphasis was on recreating the sketch with paint on a wall, to get a feeling for the lines and letter movement on a large scale.

The second piece remained within the same framework of the first, with some accruements here and there. Bars get chopped/bent and curled, colors got added, the background got buffed. The arrows got a litle more elaborate. With the thinner style, I tightened and stretched the N, coming through with a no-look, behind-the-back pass to the E.

The third version got even more chopped and screwed, really breaking the E up, and putting a snorkel top onto the R.
The feline waiter is stuck serving up some laser-hot aerosol to the wall, while the bbq dude can't help but be cool as a fan.

Thanks Serch, your sketch was dope!


  1. love the impression of the first one..

  2. MEOWWWild Styleeee...

    Great concept, great pieces...brilliant sketch.

  3. i often feel like the sketch dont get the right treatment,and wanted
    to do the outline once again justice,maybe thats what jurne had in mind here.....dont wanna waste a fresh serch style!


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