Thursday, April 30, 2009

Askew by Hesoe

Yo Askew!
first outlines, first one i put some thought on, second one was 5 minutes!
imma keep workin on the k and the w !
i ll be posting some more soon!

saludos a todos!

Some new lines!


  1. Wow!!

    It's funny, the second one has some similar shapes to how I used to rock around 05 and 06.. what I really like though is you use of perspective. They really move and look tilted on an axis.. I'm gonna have to get busy this weekend!

  2. Great takes on Askew's name. That last on has some really interesting elements!

  3. Im stoked that you feelin that last one, ive been working a lot lately on gettin this one line piece look, should be fun to paint!


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