Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Versions By Kacao77

Original Sketch By Rime

Version 1 by Kacao77

Version 2 by Kacao77

Kacao on Round: 2
Here is the second version from rimes kacao77 scetch done in july 2008. But let me first say some few words to the first version of 2005. The project was new to me and i couldn`t find the space to do more for it between the book at that time. The first impression of rimes scetch was surprising, because he gave me the first exchange scetch and he did it long and colorfull. But i really liked it and it was crazy to see that somebody put so much energy in my name in such a different style! When i saw the scetch i knew i had to do it right like on the paper, or not. So one day i put cans together and started the firstlines and recognized that this is not easy... the result for one day was ok and i really didn`t looked right before and missed some cans. The outlines came out really good and i didn`t mixed or changed a thing on it but the colors and the bubblelandscape came different and not really good and i fucked up and didn`t the whole wall till the top.

The version of 2008 was a 3 days mission and i had a lot, really a lot of colors in my bag. I had so many different colors from one tone, to fade it correct like on the scetch from rime. The outlines come out quicker then in 2005, cause i remembered the difficulties from this or that corner and had fun. To color it was another thing. Each letter costs me really time! I had to look right and transfer it right to the wall. It was nice to blend the fading with 13 colors but still it was hard work. everything came out correct, the style, colors, composition, tags and logos. On the third day i decided to change the background from white to black. It looked fresh on the scetch and boring on the wall. I covered the background black with some stars and put the end of the 2008 version from rimes kacao77 scetch.

I am very happy with the result and like everything on it

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