Monday, February 1, 2010

Ensoe paints Jurne sketch

Manage to finish up the outline jurne drew for me..Had a lot of fun with it. Went to the wall confused on what to do with it? 3d? no 3d? bright colours? white outline? and then all of a sudden it turned into something else. I see jurne's style as a very classical american style, so maybe thats where my stars and stripes theme came from..hope you like it man!



  1. Very fresh man! I like the clean bold look of the colors and design. Good job.

  2. Was just looking at this one again. I'm digging the fades on the outline of the S that goes into starts, subtle niceness. Also the US flag burning here and there haha, nice touch.

  3. Burn Hollywood Burn...
    these letters are second to none, and great execution, design, and technique by Ensoe


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