Thursday, February 11, 2010



  1. This is awesome Taboo, one of my faves for sure...great symmetry and attitude on these letters
    -real interested in seeing Roids flip this

  2. I like the line in the leg of the R that transfers into the 3D, thats a nice line next to the curve of the leg. The transparency of the sketch is cool and lends to a lot of room for interpretation.
    Does the arrow above the D extend from the S or is it connected to/ extending from the bottom of the slice of the D?

  3. That arrow above the D comes from the S.

    Thanks for the feed back/ questions. I left the piece "transparent" for that reason. For my own outlines, I make the final decisions at the wall. This is actually the 2nd to last progress shot. The final version got a little over kill with arrows and connections on the already hidden D.

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  5. sorry for the lateness!

    really liking the look of this one mate. i rarely do proportionate / balanced letters ( or 3d for that matter , so itll be a nice challenge

    ill get working on some stuff asap



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