Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CAKES sketch by Stae 2

Hey Stae! Thanx for the sketch man. I really had a lot of fun with it. I triyed to keep it oldschool as much as it was possible...


  1. Hey Cakes- Nicely done!
    I'm really feeling the yellow kaboom and cracks as well
    as the inneroutline...the pink/red 3d is great
    You stayed real true to the outline, just about perfect

    Hope you enjoyed it,
    Thanks for hooking it up

  2. DOPE! chrome fill is dope and the explosion is 2 hype

  3. Nice....that came up in a cool old school fashion way
    the endings on the c and s is banging!

  4. You nailed it! I like the range of tones in the 3-d. FOr a second I thought Stae 2 painted it!


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