Monday, March 8, 2010

Bates/Ewok Exchange 2010

I had this one in my blackbook for some time now,
i owe Ewok an outline,so here it is!hope you can get something out of it,i expect to see some organic flavour!


  1. That's so weird, I was just doodling some 'Bates' simple letters the other day. I will try to make a proper sketch out of them and post it soon. Thanks man, I really like the flex on the 'K' on that one, -very cool. Classic Bates flavor! Feel free to rock some simple softy-letter sketches if you have time.
    Thanks man, much appreciated!


  2. fresh E....Like i said,i had this outline in the blackbbok for some time now,i wasnt sure it made "THE CUT" but Rime insisted and made me send it in...more coming your way!
    -looking forward to see what you can get out of it!?


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