Thursday, April 29, 2010

TABOO sketch by SORIE.

*yo Taboo, i really enjoyed drawing these letters + i added a little "Nueva York" in hebrew on the side as a present from the middle east~,
hope you like it mate


  1. Nice! Nice piece, and the extras as well, Diggin the letters in Hebrew, the E logo xchange, aand that antennae on the A.

  2. yo bro, i been slackin. this outline is really fresh. i like the heavy line quality. it's a good departure from the thin outlines I've typically done in the past. i also like how the piece has a "fish eye" effect goin on. I will do my best to hook this up proper.

  3. and thanks a bunch for the "Nueva York" add on.

  4. I like the bold treatment of the outline


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