Friday, June 11, 2010

Jurne/Honke Exchange

Honke sent me a sketch from his vault of scrap paper business deals.

I decided to try out painting it in a style where the distinction between what was the "fillin" of the letter and what was the "background" was ambiguous. The intention was to paint the sketch as fast as possible, and have the style be gestural and expressive (hence the quote at the end). After throwing up a quick sketch of essential line movements, the background was painted first with cinnamon and gray, and the same approach was taken with the fill, where quick horizontal color lines were overlapped which intentionally ended beyond where the outline would fall.

Lastly, the outline was thrown on, without the usual "measure twice before you cut" approach. Instead, the focus was speed over accuracy.

The flow of the sketch was really conducive to painting in this style. ... The Fast and the Furious meets Impressionism.
Thanks my man!

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