Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stae2 by Poet

Hi Stae2, here where 3 sketches for you. I know i still own you some sketches, because you really did a dope sheat for me. thanks for that again, see this as a first serve...if somebody wants to exchange with me, iam down.


  1. POET!
    Many thanks my friend. These are great!
    I hope to paint one very soon.

    Which one would you suggest? Perhaps one might be a better letter case study?...


  2. i dont know? the on top one i like personally the most. maybe because of the strong movement. but the second one has also another nice flavor, straight and curve i think, because of the movement from the middle S to the down E line and the hills on half of the top of the letters, this one needs a related fill-in maybe...i can actually not say which one...the best is paint both


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