Sunday, October 10, 2010

ASKEW sketch for ROIDS

Hey everyone - I've been MIA for a while on this project but going to make a real effort to get things rolling again. I don't have time to do the full pages but will still do my best to pull some challenging and interesting sketches together!


  1. Cool Sketch! the crumpled effect with the grey is super interesting

  2. Yeah haha! I figure if anyone is gonna be able to interpret this sketch with ease it will be Roids because it's like a deviation of what he has been doing for a while. But yeah, I think there's something interesting with this one with the classic structure and arrows mixed with this very rendered approach.

  3. Application for transparent paint?
    I can see metallics being used...
    Nice one Askew.
    The S is really hard for me to see though.

    It almost looks like the paper got scrunched up and folded and crumbled and out came a piece.
    Did you do this with water colors?

  4. With respect to the S comment: The middle bar goes invisible?

  5. ^yeah bro haha.. It comes to two seperate points and breaks apart.. this was drawn with pencil, ink and a gray copic marker..


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