Monday, October 11, 2010

Motel by Poet

On my way back to Berlin from Paris by train, I found the time to play a little around with Motel's name...


  1. The third one from the top is very very clever! Great job all around.

    Motel is also great at characters. It would be cool if you two can do a character Exchange?

  2. That would be fresh! Yeah always a fan of your stuff Poet, can't wait to see what Motel does with these.

  3. thanks 2 both of you...yeah why not doin a character exchange, lets see what i can add within the days.
    Iam down if anybody fells like to exchange.lets kick it.

  4. wow these are amazing!!!! thanks a bunch! looking forward to painting one of them! smiles all round :D oh and a character exchange sounds cool!

  5. i can't believe this was posted a week ago, wish i had seen it sooner....

  6. Fresh indeed.
    Id like to see that character!


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