Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rime sketch revisited

After painting the sketch Rime drew for me, I felt that I could flex the style a little harder.
I took a day to myself chilling at leeside and painted it again. Its a very interesting sketch to paint, because it was drawn so fluidly and fast. It became a challenge to express the same fast, long strokes done in pen, with spray paint on a wall. I like the way it came out this time, more of a crazy hybrid style. haha.  Thanks joe!


  1. Looks a lot more loose the second time around. The fill is very energetic. The black takes on a defining role highlighting the base letters, I think the second "E" could of used two sweeping black strokes extending to the right, merging out into the background.

    Good job on the throw up. I bet if you did it a couple more times it will loosen up even more

    It seems as if my piece to the left needs some serious TLC. Any chance you can fix the skater tags in and around it?

  2. Thanks man. And Yeah I was thinking of touching yours up anyways..will do!

  3. I agree, black, or another dark color used in the right places would bring the whole piece out more, and emphasize all the subtle shadings you did.
    Good to see the throwup! Id like to rock some other peoples throwups, want to draw me one?

  4. Yeah dude for sure!^ I got a page I drew for you that ive been meaning to post. I'll get on it


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