Wednesday, September 2, 2009


sorry fellaz ill be back a lil bit late but, i had to get over some drama in the moment!!
now iam back,yo askew i got some dope phunk for you and also serval the boogie b boy!!
so lets get back to action!!and if anybody got time i will be in los angeles from the 10 to the 20th 
lets go paint!!one scotty


  1. DOPE! these styles are off the hook Scotty,
    look forward to seeing Askew's take on this for sure!

  2. Awesome bro! Hope everything is good with you man. Whoa, that's a ton of sketches, all fresh! Sorry once again to everyone for the lack of contributions, I really have a backlog of sketches to do now! I've been pretty self indulgent as of late with my style, really developing some things with my boy BERST. in a couple of weeks I'll be back in Exchange mode!!!!


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