Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yo Cecster! i managed to do a couple of your flave drawings. on the train, i thought this outline would be the best out of the bunch. i could not reach high enough to do the arrow on top of the P. had to chop it....haha! the angle of the P was inverted by mistake also (oops). on the second sketch the u turned out a little different but the rest worked out i think. i had a bit of room left for a goofy looking dude as well. i'm gonna do a couple more of your joints for sure! enjoy!!


  1. Damn dude both of these are banging! I don't see a problem with the U on the first one at all. The lean is a little different but it definitely works and those thick snotty highlights and that character capture the feel for those letters perfectly. The second one is really spot on as well. Can't wait to see the others.


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