Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yo Serval!
I was very amped to get into this sketch, thanks a many for the outline!
I had held onto this sketch for a minute; I had the idea of working on the "Mosaic/Stained Glass" concept when I first saw the sketch, so I went for it, and I'm generally pleased with the outcome.
Looking back though, few things I would have done differently would of been: to have match the intensity of the tweeked thick to thin movement on the letters and extensions, especially on the S and the arrows, and also to have included the extension above the T (oops),
lastly to get better flick...colors/lighting suck

Thanks again for that raw uncut flavor!, hope I did this a little justice,
I have a bunch of outlines I need to scan for be on the lookout!



  1. That fill is sick dude! Loving the tile grout.

  2. wow, I tried a mosaic style recently and executed very poorly. Yours puts me to shame!! Real nice, I love the fill, really well executed and the effect is perfect without having too much technical detail. the letters are well proportioned which is real hard on this sketch and you managed to maintain the flow and balance. Damn bro nice work, i'll have the heat on my shoulders when I paint you sketch now :)
    Thanks for taking the time to do it!


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