Friday, September 18, 2009

hi everybody, it took some time since my last post. the reason is the good weather to paint the last weeks and alot of jobs i have done. this time i come along with a sketch from"Kaput". i added the nightshot after finishing to it, because there you could get a better view on the blends i guess. thanks again to kaput. have a good day homeboys


  1. Great Exchange....
    Awesome, funky lettering which seem to be right up Poet's alley, and dope coloring and blends...

    Really feeling the black-then white semi-hatching bits in the 3d...and the alternating outline and hi-lites...

  2. super cool dude! sooo funky and colourful.....amazing blends. it's great to see you do one of my blue prints poet. turned out dope!


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