Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PHAT1 sketch for RIME

PHAT1 sketch for RIME,

Sorry to the team for the slow and lack of updates been real busy with life but no excuses really, While drawing i tried 3 other names before i could actually get a good flow on and i ended with RIMER...I'm really feeling the lean and style on this something that i think you can relate to with a PHAT1 twist to it. Hope you like this one JOE and there wont be any doubt you will kill this sketch.

Next will be STAE2 sorry mate i got you.



  1. Thanks for the sketch Phat!

    It has a nice clean, classic flow. The kind of style that is really enjoyable for me to paint. I need to come up with a character to put next to this.

    Do you have a character laying around that you can send my way??

  2. i fully thought to draw a charo on the right as there was alittle space but didnt have enough time....will give it a go for this space.


  3. This look fresh. I like the excited lean

  4. Very tight!
    I looooove the R´s....

  5. killer piece, flawless victory!

  6. nice compact style! looks fun to paint. dope!


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