Monday, August 3, 2009

RUETS sketches by TABOO

YO Ruets,
I got 2 outlines here for ya. I actually did 3 sketches, but these are the best 2. The first one has a few ideas I have been playing with on some of my newer pieces. I took a little bit from the NUEVA YORK pieces I have done while I worked on the 2nd outline, so the pieces came relatively easy. The 2nd outline is a little more straight forward so that leaves a lot of room for you to "Ruetize" it. I'd like to see you hook up either one. Hope you enjoy.


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  2. That first sketch does not open up larger.. can you reload?

  3. Hell ya, im stoked someone finally did my name. i love both of these. They both look like alot of fun. I think ill do both!


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