Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hesoe sketch by Kaputo!

hesoe my man! here is your name, kaputo style! haha. i had fun messing around with the 3d a bit, but feel free to do whatcha like obviously.......your style is so cool to look at, the colours, characters, and letter formation is bugged!! i still have to paint your sketch and it will be painted 4 sure!! i hope you take the time to rock mine as well brother.

oh ya! sectr from toronto says yo!!! haha.......laterzzzz.


  1. Fresh one Kaput! I like the contrast of the Busy 3-d to to one color fill. It'd be nice to see it that way on a wall!

  2. damm brooo really nice!
    i ll definetly keep those 3d styles and go for some light texture on the fill in to keep that 3d protagonism going on!

    i gots to say i love your work bro so this style i was really looking forward to see, and now to paint.. im still on the road for 2 more weeks but as soon as i get to Chile i ll latex this up!

    saludos from Berlin!

  3. Very fresh sketch. I like how the first E is cradling the S and O.


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