Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jurne sketch by Sirum

Hey all, have been on an intensive inter-rail trip through Europe for the last two months
and have finally found my feet again here in Norway!!
It may a little easier to notice that this sketch I have drawn for Jurne is allot more loose then the previous designs I have come up with for other cats...
The reason being is because I have been really working on bringing more spontaneity back into my work , whether it be painted or sketched.
I hope you enjoy this one Jurne , and I feel it may give you a little more breathing space then my previous sketches!


  1. Dude that Brick 3d is killer!
    off the hook bro!

  2. Thanx Ensoe , yeah its something I have been playing around with a little latley... The idea enables me to bring new dimentions to outline..
    If Jurne gets the chance.. I look forward to see what he can do with this!

  3. Wow, wild styling! Theres a lot of cool things about this piece that I never do with my own stuff, so itll be great to try to do this sketch justice. The big bar off the left side of the U is really interesting, what led to that decision?
    Thanks Sirum for the sketch, and the great concept. Ill get the ball rolling on this joint in due time...

  4. this has a very "fast" look to it but there are a lot of great accents. the left bar on the U is unusual, but it works. Jurne will freak this.


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