Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey Jurne,

Here's the Exchanges from what you had blessed me with...
There were alot of challenges, frustration, and fun in each of these
The experience definitely made me look at lettering thru your eyes and opened some new possibilities, so many thanks my man!

•My approach to the bottom two were to use the sketches pretty straight up with some of my own flow to feel more natural,(When I use sketches on walls, which is 90% of the time, I never duplicate whats on paper, as it usually feels less natural when transfered on a surface), so there will be inconsistency's for sure, but hope it was still translated effectively
•With the first silver joint the approach I took was interpreting that particular sketch/style and to make it more my own, so I made it more mechanical and less softer...
The jury is still out, as yours was real ill,(and stronger in my opinion), however I think it probably helped me understand and learn more thru that particular trial and error

•I apologize for the poor photographs, I really need to step my game up, and I was really frustrated/disappointed as my favorite one, the silver lost alot of the umph in the little nooks that made it my favorite (shadowing, cuts, blends, designs, hi-lites, crispness, etc)

Well, thanks again for all the time you took out to sketch those, I hope I did them a small justice, and look forward to more of the project

peace and respect,


  1. good looking, my favorite is da bottom one.

  2. Yo Stae! Im hyped that you did all three!
    The 1st one looks perfect with your interpretation, much better than the sketch.
    I had imagined the undercase ´a´ to have a top swooping bar, but the way you put the break in the backside of the bar it shares with the E really changed it into something new. Very Nice.

    The 2nd one looks great as well, with the blends kind of adhering to the style of the sketch, and the rock background is a really nice touch, especially given the context. Great spot, great exucution. Cool how you flipped it with a light outline, great choice with the dark setting.
    3rd is banging as well, my oner criticism is that it got chunkier than the original sketch, particularly the A, but it still looks good. Great color scheme again, i like how you took that as well and STAEified it. The piece reminds me of bubblegum under a shoe.

    Youre a man of many styles, its nice to see you put three more in your portfolio. I agree with POET, the 1st really stands out.
    Eventually, Id like to paint all of the sketches you did for me, Thanks again for those.


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