Monday, July 20, 2009

HESOE paints SWK sketch

Eaea lokura! after a month delay since i painted this i can finally get a hold of a computer to upload some exchanges... i got to say this piece i thought i had done ok... but now that i look at both sketch and piece i see im missing on directions and movements that take a lot of character away from the piece... i got to say i had fun doing this one just trying to get as much down from the sketch ... i wish i could ve taken a full day light flick so colors would pop up more but i finished late at nite and had to run to other city next morning ... i always wondered bout how you could make a style out of so much boxes but with much movement ... and now that i had the chance of trying i realize how sutil the unions and position of the blocks have to be to reach that dope brasilian flavor you got goin on!
i hope you liked it broooo
Chile - Brazil Exchange done in Bergen, Norway ....
loko demais !! falooou lokura!

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  1. Woooow my friend!!!! was very very cool, I have to say, this project is really a school! make piece with stylezzz of other writers is fabulous and fun, provides new ways to learn, with writers who admire, and you and a! Cheers Exchanges!!!!!!valeu lokito ficou muito brabo, represents aeeee!!! abraço e muito obrigado


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