Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stae2 sketches by Jurne

Yo Stae!
I've been working on these sketches for you, and came up with these three.
The first ones pretty straight forward, I think maybe the T could be spruced up a little more.

This one I drew second, with the intention of having the bars of the E come back and 'frame' the piece. I got kind of carried away with the colored pencils going for a beveled look, and then really went overboard with the pseudo 3d/blue stuff...not so sure how I feel about that in particular, you be the judge.

The third one is a little more traditional...I wanted to capture a layered feel, and not put a 3D on it, thinking that it might compete with the depth achieved by the letters themselves. I tried to encorporate star shapes into the bars of the letters, at the ends of the S and the E, but they're a bit muddled by all the other stuff going on. Also, the loop of the A came out a little small I think.

Hyped to see what you do with em....


  1. on top the 'E' is a killer!
    look forward to see these get done...

  2. Very fresh...Ill be rocking this soon,
    my vacation is oveer

  3. amazing works! the lower case a to the e on the middle sketch is so trippy!! it's messing with me....haha.

  4. Classic styles! I like that whole conjoined letter thing you have going on...


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