Monday, July 20, 2009

Poet painting Stae2 sketches

Hi Stae, here where some of the sketches i painted from you. it took some time but finally here there are. hope you like the outcome.thanks again warrior


  1. Wow! Great job Poet! You did an amazing job with all of them...My favorite of the bunch being the last one with the character.. Great colors, execution, and fine touches on all of them. Honored for sure!
    Your approach seems to be very at ease and effortless yet funky and complex at the same time... An approach I try to follow as well

    I need to try and get out there asap and rock, as I have so much goodness left from all of you fellas...

    Thanks again Poet!
    Much respect

  2. thank you Stae. cool hat you like them, you are a stylemaster for sure. i hope we gonna meet onetime and rock the jellybeans together.

  3. by the way, the charakter on the last one is from Amok`s brother Rok-156, who has been in the early days a great inspiration for me. i know him since 87, we were even in da same school and same crew for a while, iam really happy that he came along

  4. nice work Poet!!! the first is very fresh!!!

  5. Yeah man these are extremely dope.


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