Friday, July 24, 2009

Kaput sketches.

Sorry for the hiatus dudes. I promise I'll get back on my grind. In the meantime here are some Kaput sketches.
Your name was a lot of fun to work with, especially the tags. Unfortunately I think one or two of those sketches may be a little too close to your style already, specifically the one with the cartoon shadows on the right, which kind of defeats the purpose of this thing I guess. I think I did some connections that you've probably done before as well, so if you're not feeling painting any of these it's cool. If you decide to though I feel like you'd nail any one of them.


  1. super duty tuff work. i love this.

  2. Yo, Im totally fine with you taking breaks from this, you are putting us all to shame.

    The kooky arrows and little details really compliment the thick bars of the bottom left one.
    Awesome stuffs.

  3. yeah!....these are amazing works cecs! i love your style of graffilthy!! the halo p is a great idea that i've never done before. the softy piece in the top right corner has an awesome t! i'm gonna have to do a few of these for real. been lagging as of late on painting in general (bit of bad luck), i shall return.......thanks very much for doing me right cecs.....dope!

  4. Loving these joints! Something new, something old, something borrowed...
    Hahaaa...can't wait to see kaputski rock one or two...

  5. Yeah, these are crazy bro, the bottom left is awesome.


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