Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taboo Sketch painted by Jurne

I really dug this sketch from Taboo, and thought it might look good on a freight. I wanted to stretch it out and have the dimensions of the train car emphasize the length of the piece.
When we showed up to the yard, there were no flat boxcars, and I didn't really want to try to stretch this piece over the door, so I decided to rock it a little smaller than intended, and just keep it to one panel.
I went with a nice Home Depot color scheme (an American brand paint scheme seemed right for the train), some Painters Touch Fossil for the fill, an Espresso outline, and American Accents Cabana Blue for the cloud.
In sketching the piece out, I made some modifications, connecting the U with the head of the R, as well as changing the bend of the N, and having the top of the E come from the N doubling back on itself. In hindsight, I think the U-R modification takes away from the dope mohawk that the R was rocking in the original sketch, and the strong kink in the bar of the R.
I like how the piece came out (Although the night shots arent ideal...I'll replace them when I get better ones), but Im not hyped on the color choices I made; should have gone with a dark gray for accents in the bottom of the piece, and a really light gray or pink in the top. In general, I should have spruced it up a bit with more colors. Also, I think I lost one of the coolest parts of the piece by not outlining 'The Exchange' bar of the E that Taboo crafted.
Painting the piece gave me some new insights on some of my letters, the J was a totally new shape for me, as well as the E. Thanks again to Taboo for the dope sketch, I'm working on yours and Stae's right now...


  1. Looks fresh cousin! I agree the colors seem a bit dull but I may just be the flick. Over all it looks tight like a salamander's anus.


  2. hhahha salamander's anus ahahah I like the N -E connect but the R did loose a little attitude in the switch, would love to see the frontal view though, hope you get a better shot of it!

  3. yeah man get a dayflick, its fresh. next week i gonna join the club again. sorry but the fridge has to be filled.

  4. YO!!! This is amazing. I created 2 of the 3 sketches with straight bottoms so you could paint it on a train if you so chose. Over all the piece looks really dope. I love the you used Painter Touch Fossil (which is a color I would never use) and pulled it off well. The U – R connection you made is cool, but I really like what you did with the N. I think yours flows better than mine. can't wait to see the day time shots.
    Great job man! I'm looking forward to receiving your sketch for me.
    BTW, is that a stock tip outline?

  5. Thanks! The sketch worked really well for the freight.
    I think I lost some of its funk from scaling it to fit the train, but overall Im ok with the final product.
    I used a Boston thin to outline, a outline cap with a fast spray, much like a stock tip. They are the jump!
    Im working on some sketches for you...

  6. really nice to see such a fresh sketch painted very nicely on a freight...! I love the earthy colours too. nice one!


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