Monday, July 20, 2009

HESOE and SIRUM exchange at Roskilde

Sirum and I meet by luck at the Roskilde Festival and decided to get some exchange pieces done, since we had no sketches done we tryed doing 1 color sketches on the wall so we could get eachothers hand on the style... we picked some colors and pretty much went freestyle after that trying to really have a personal interpretation of eachothers sketch.
For me it worked perfect .. plus with the whole chillin constant party mood around Roskilde was just nice to be free to do the fun part of the pieces and spend more time in that ; focusing on how to light the piece and how to work textures on the diferent structures ans 3d ...i really liked how it came togueter and was dope just chillin there drink some beer and share ideas bout styles n all good things in life.
Thanks Lars for the flicks!


  1. oh damn!!!destroyed, nice nice nice!!!

  2. Yeah Hesoe , you rocked it bro...!
    Well put. Through the smokey haze and good music this was a perfect rap up for painting at Roskilde!


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