Monday, July 13, 2009

scotty76 character Nasty Stae

Yo Scotty...
Been a long break, but the wheels are starting to turn again...little character jammy you hooked me up with that I got to rock last nite into the a.m....
Was trying something a little different, and thought this character would put it all together.

I'm not really a character guy, usually rock line art characters when I do, so this was challenging. You have a real fresh style and twist on the traditional mug style, and I appreciated it even more so when I tried to recreate it. It was alot of fun to paint, and has me real inspired to try it some more!

I have been playing with this sort of "jumbly" letter style and as a result of the Exchange, was inspired with the Poet "T" on this one, which I didn't figure out 'til I checked it at home....
Stay tuned...

Nasty-est Since Birth


  1. I can see the german influence on the spacing of letters and layout. Cool to see Scotty's work painted flat, looks dope. Nice work man!

  2. Fresh! The character looks mad high!


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