Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jurne paints Honke Sketch

We painted the walls of a skate spot, Honke took the deck surface, I worked on the ladder section.
The original idea was to do a really colorful background with clouds of bubbles, and go with black and white for the letters, but we ran out of white, which led to the blue fade to white scheme.
It got crazy fumed out while we were doing this! It was a blast to collaborate on the wall with each other's outlines. I got some sound spray technique advice from him during the paint session, especially while trying to nail the egg-top E.
I kinda had a difficult time getting the flow of the letters down; Honk's saxophone swoops were a challenge; I'm definitely more comfortable with tighter, compact letters.
Im pretty happy with the result, although a thinner outline/less black bubbles might have really drawn out the black sections of the letters.
Thanks to Honke for the nice sketch and non stop jokin', you da man, dog.


  1. loving the colourz guys!! dope......sk8 or die!!


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