Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sirum paints Askews sketches...

Yo Askew , when you originally drew my page of sketches for me , I found it difficult to work out which sketch I would paint as I really liked different elements from all of them!
As I don't have the greatest amount of free time at the moment , I came up with the idea to take my favorite parts from each sketch and crop them together to form a super Askew/Sirum style mash-up! I will send you a better photo when I get the chance... The S and I really tested me due to the two letters crossing through each other.. At one point some of the linework was out by a few centre metres which was enough to throw the letters off balance.
I find this point interesting , how important precision within a sketch can be for some people. The small space of a few centrmetres can be enough to ( at times ) pull a letter or a shape out of preportion.


  1. BRO....killing it once again great concept,xcqtion,and final result my favourite ozzy once again kills it....shot for the shout right back at ya...

  2. very dope mix of all..Mixmaster Sirum

  3. Thanx guys... Gee I hope Askew likes it?
    I have been a little nervous waiting for his comments..

  4. match the outline perfect!
    i throught i was the perfectionist??!!!
    good job sirum!


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