Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poet painting Honke Sketch

hi Honke...meanwhile a daywalk i met some dudes from my crew GFA, who wanted to go paint, so i joined with your sketch from internetcafe. iam critical with the outcome. it looks fresh but at one point i had to do to much fading and cutting with the outline, so i lost a little bit the concentration for the detail and when some Old B-boys from the 80ties showed up, everything went out of control, but i still think it is o.k. and iam happy to have done it. i put another picture by with the charakter from Phos4, to let him thanks again man


  1. wow those colors are wild! i want that bboys shirt. stylin!

  2. hahha I was thinking the same about the bboy: I dress like that!
    love the color changes on the 3d and how flat it makes the background look!

  3. Phos4 was wearing that shirt that reality it even looks doper..


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