Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jurne paints Stae 2 sketches

I ended up choosing these two sketches out of the style dossier Stae2 had on me.
It was really fun trying these styles out. I chose the chunky sketch for the truck because it was something I was more comfortable with given the amount of time we could spend at this particular spot. The shape of the E was pretty foreign to me, and I ended up sketching it a few times before it looked like the Stae2 version. I really liked how the U and N of the sketch are little dudes trying to hang with the older J, R and E.
The piece I ended up doing was the computer rock style Stae laced. I went for this one because I knew it was going to be really difficult to pull off; repeated angles of the bars are something Ive never foxed with. I went about painting the sketch in a manner opposite to that which I usually do. Did the sketch first, and then finished the 3D before I filled in the piece. I figured I might burn myself out trying to get the letters done first if I painted them first, and then skimp on the 3D details. The 3D really drew me to the sketch initially, and I want to do it justice.
It ended up being a "watching the sun rise" kind of night, but Im happy with the result. In hindsight, I would add more black to the 3D for sure. Also, I would maybe spruce up the doo dads inside the fill, maybe add a light blue or a lime green.
Can't thank you enough for the amazing sketches Stae. I owe you a bunch...


  1. The fact that you are doing these at night on the ninja tip is props enough but they also came out mega fresh. The second piece could have used a bit more color/design detail but I don't think it really matters, you killed it songod!

  2. jurne- you did a great job on both of these, and as host said to do these on the low at night makes it that much fresher!
    You chose to stay true to the sketch, and there isn't a flaw in either peice...very impressive
    The only criticism is what you and host already stated...adding a design color or two and maybe a jumpin' jack flash forcefield
    These joints are spot on, much respect my man for going all out!

    I will do my best to come correct with your sketch when submitted,
    as you have...thanks kid

  3. yo. yo did a smashing job. both came out on point... i'm working on some joints for you now. hope you like.


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