Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So this was actually my 2nd attempt at this sketch.  The first one I painted with Rime in Jersey, and although it was on a hobbit trail cursed with torrential downpours, poison ivy and lost cameras, It was a blast to paint.  I tried your fat cap Ironlak method with mainly white and black, in attempt to keep it quick, simple and funky. 
 Since the sketch was so much fun to paint, I had no pics of the Jersey one, and it was pretty much rained out anyways (Rain Fame) I figured Id give it another shot in the Chi.  I really enjoyed the flow of your letters, and working with fats, trying for no cut backs, ect. Shit was a blast, thanks man, If I do another one Il probably try to scale down size-wise, and experiment more with a funkier flat treatment.  I think my massive hubris, and overcompensation for space made me stretch this one out to much, and I probably nailed the actual sketch better the first time.
Anyways hope you enjoy.
If I ever get a flick of the first one, Il post if for sure.


  1. Absolutely nailed it bro!! Damn, I'm just speechless..... Those flames! Fuck!!! I have to step my flame game up now!!

  2. Nice! Flat fill with the rendered background is whats up. Its interesting to see your first version and compare and contrast it to the second.I like the first O better, but the 2nd piece has more pizzazz. Burning down the house!

  3. Haha, I showed my friend this peice and he said " THOSE MARTIAN FARTS ARE CRAZY!!!" (he was refering to the flames no doubt)
    Amazing job!
    p.s. That Big hot dog panel That says Chi towns finest on a red soo line car is in Vancouver right now..Dope!


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