Friday, June 5, 2009

Serval Sketches by Jurne

Ayo Serval, some sketches for you.
I liked your comment regarding finding a hybrid of styles between the drawing of a name and the final painted product. That being said, I cant wait to see how you flip it...


  1. Lovin these bro and I like the color treatment you put down too. Very fresh.

  2. Man that's some funky shit!! Thanks bro, it's funny I grew up real close to Paris and most of the early styles I was exposed to in the late 80's were VERY CTK/FBI influenced which I feel is close to the top and bottom outlines. By the time I started gettin serious about letters we had gotten more into the NY influences, so it's going to be super fun to paint that kind of style!!
    Also the colors are great, I've been thinking how to paint the mosaic styles I've been workin on, and thought I was going to try some flat color combos, which is what you did on the big piece and it look dope!! I'll be paintin a few of these definitely!
    If all goes well i'll be in painting condition in another week or so, then it's on!!
    Thanks man

  3. unreal! this whole page is masterful! inspiring.

  4. The "mosaic" style is innovative. Looking forward to seeing Serval translate this to a wall.


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