Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIME Paints A Piece Based On An Askew Sketch

Askew's sketch for Rime

Working the sketch

Here is my version of the Askew sketch. I painted this wall with Dabs, Myla, Vans (Omega), & Witness. Since the space on the wall was so wide, and Vans was getting pretty technical with his piece (see full wall shots here), I decided to rework the sketch, making it more built up. After the first mark up on the wall, I decided to put the sketch away and go with what felt natural. I added in some new connections and reworked the proportions a bit. Overall I am happy with the finished result.

While we were painting, Ewok called and told us MJ just kicked the bucket. He urged us to be the first to Paint a tribute to the the self proclaimed "King of Pop". Augor came through and started on the character. I stepped in, giving Jacko a face lift and added in some small details. Vans even joined in by putting some jewels on the glove. I originally wanted to write "Touching Young Fans From The Grave And Beyond" and have MJ's grave site with a large tombstone. I would of had his arm coming out of the ground, grabbing onto a young boy's thigh... Maybe next time?


  1. Yeah dude!!! This just made my entire week. You painted this so fresh and brought so much life to it man!! I agree with what Esteme said, it's so dope to see the sketches really reinterpreted and injected with the artists personality rather than just one to one replications. You have really achieved that here, you owned it!

  2. Fresh Exchange!, real nice surface, (would of been dope to have gone with the first MJ concept), killer combo

  3. heheheheh triller!!!!!nice bro!!

  4. so much strength power 2 that outline..
    good work,first with the MJ concept!


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