Monday, June 1, 2009

Taboo sketch by Sirum

Hey Taboo , I knew when choosing your word to sketch next that I would have some fun with this.. and I was right! You have mad funky letters giving me a lot of room to play on, and so I decided to take a very comical approach whilst designing your sketch.
I hope you like ? Cant wait to see you paint this..!


  1. Really wild sketch man. I cant wait to see him paint it either!

  2. Holy shit! that's angry looking haha!

  3. My man....thats WAY too scary for me.....need my kids to read me bed time stories now because of this....

  4. Yo sorry I been busy, but I have been peeking at the blog. Thanks 4 the outline it is really very fresh. I was able to get out and paint this passed weekend. Gonna try to post my painted version later today.
    Thanks again!


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