Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jurne paints Kaput sketch

I got to rock this Kaput sketch the other night alongside one of my painting partners, Dement. I chose a good highway shot for the location (the photos are shot from the breakdown lane).
Painting the sketch was great, the really loose movements felt like they fit the spot perfectly to me. I had a lot of fun trying to create a color scheme that would resemble some Kaputism. All in all, it turned out alright I think, although the bottom of the N and E are slightly different from the sketch. Good looking out Kaput on the super fresh drawings! I'm excited to paint the other one you did for me as well.


  1. bang! great spot great execution i think this is one of my favorites

  2. two of my favorite dudes out. well done. great spot.

  3. unreal!! you went above and beyond!! literally haha......fresh spot. the piece looks like i did it!! way cool jurne. super stoked.....you are a master!


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