Monday, June 29, 2009

ok so me and Old Faithful swaggered to the wall Big Daddy Kane style:

I chose this Poet outline because it's the furthest from anything i would do. Some of the outlines were in my league, but this one was a whole other sport, which looked like fun!

I hadn't painted in a couple months but I've been drawing a lot and i was full of ideas and a big big bag of scraps with me. The process was fun and I really got lost in the little do-dads around the letters and playing with depths. Unfortunately the result is not proportionate and i'm pretty disapointed with it. I think I need another go at this kind of style, to find a technique that works better, plus maybe paint it bigger to make it as funky as it should be...
Sorry Poet...


  1. hey man very nice performance and good colors!!!

  2. no need for a sorry man...i still think you did a good job. thanx Serval


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